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Why Train with Us?

Tricities Film Studio offers a unique sports-minded approach to the art of acting. Determination, education and ongoing development are key components to any athlete’s growth. We believe that Film and Television actors are no different. We offer actors of all ages a step by step practical game plan to develop their craft, while providing them with the support, guidance and leadership they need to follow their passion.

All classes are a safe, positive environment, created to offer a
fun place for students to learn and grow!

Classes are small to allow for more individualized attention!

We help students & parents navigate the Film & T.V. Biz!


kids 7 to 11 Year Olds


Classes offer students of all experience levels a fun & comprehensive approach to the art of Screen Acting.

Discover your confidence in front of the camera

Learn to communicate and work as a team

Explore your creative abilities

teens 12-17 Year Olds


Classes offer students of all experience levels a strong foundation to explore the art of Screen Acting and to learn the business side of the Film & Television industry.

Learn to prepare an Audition

Study the fundamentals of acting on set

Embrace your creative brand

adults 18 years and older


Classes offer students of all experience levels a professional place to train for a career in the business or to simply have fun!

Break out of your creative shell

Find what makes you unique

Learn to listen and communicate with confidence

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Workshops offer shorter, intense training. Work on fundamentals, sample different avenues of film or theatre acting, or brush up on your existing skill set. There's something for all age groups, give it a try!

Intense training

Learn to audition

Sample different avenues of film and theatre

Expect Tricities Film Studio Students

What to Expect

Vancouver is one of the world’s leading Film and Television production centers. So whether you are looking to start a new career or just looking to have fun, we welcome students of all ages and experience levels! Students will have direct access to ample resources, mentorships and up–to-date-information about the industry.

Getting Started

Find out how to get started in Vancouver’s booming Film & Television industry!


Train with teachers that are experienced professional Film &Television actors, currently working in the business!


Study specific fundamental techniques for on-camera acting and auditioning!

Be Prepared

Learn proper on-set etiquette and communication. Be prepared for all the Do’s and Don’ts of working in the business!

experience Teachers have experience

Working With